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Tracking program for android - is free!

Want to know what people are saying on their mobile phones? For example - your wife, children, friends. It's very simple. You just need to install on your phone application 'Control Phone'. Then you send to a phone, that you want to listen, a SMS with a link. Next you need take in their own hands a phone (on which came SMS) and open the SMS. When you click on links in SMS, this phone is to install a special program. This tracking program will send your phone call records, SMS, location and contact information. It will be invisible.
Attention! On the latest versions of the android program is installed but does not start. In this case, an icon with the image of the Android robot and the inscription 'Click me!' Will appear on the desktop. You need to click on the icon and the program starts. Respond positively to all requests and in a minute the icon will disappear. After that, you can delete the SMS with a link.
For android 10 and above, be sure to include the System services section in the Accessibility!
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Frequently asked questions and answers to them (click on the question)

How to reinstall the program on the phone - the source of the information?

The program is called «System services». First you need to remove it from the phone, if it was of course installed before. Icons of the program are not on the desktop, it is only in the list of installed applications. Open in the phone settings list of installed applications and find there System services. Remove this application. If the Delete button is missing or not active, then first you need to remove the application administrator rights. After that, you will be able to uninstall the application. Then download the application from the link and install it, as you have done before.

Do I need to save the SMS with a link for the correct operation of the program?

After installing and running the SMS program, the link is not needed, you can delete it.

What to do if the information from the monitored phone stops coming?

If there is no Internet on the monitored phone, the information will be accumulated on it but will not be transmitted, and will be transmitted when the Internet connection resumes. If everything is fine with the Internet, and the information does not arrive within one or two days, then you need to reinstall the program on the monitored phone. On your phone, you do not need to reinstall the application.

Why do I need to enable the accessibility service when installing the program on a controlled phone?

With the help of this service the program receives information from instant messengers. If it is not included, the program will work and transfer information, except information from the messengers.

From which messengers the program transmits information?

At the moment, only text information with WhatsApp and Viber is transmitted.

How does recording from the microphone work?

Press one of the numbered buttons under 'Enable recording from a microphone (in hours)'. The number on the button indicates the duration of the recording in hours: 0.2 is 12 minutes; 0.5 - 30 minutes and the like. The microphone on the monitored phone starts recording ambient sounds for the selected time. You will receive notifications about the beginning and end of the recording. After receiving the notification of the end of the record, you can update the information from the server by clicking the button « Update call recording, sms, location». Recording from the microphone is displayed in the recorded conversations list as a normal conversation record, only a microphone is written instead of the phone number.

Saving of data.

Before deleting the application, click the "Save data to archive" button. A message appears indicating that the data was successfully saved. After that, the application can be deleted. When you re-install it, the "Add data from archive" button appears. After clicking it, the saved data will be added to the existing data. Saved records of conversations, SMS, messages. Locations, contacts, and call history are not saved.

The payment was made, but the subscription date has not changed.

Payment is checked by the application about once a day, or in case the subscription time has expired. That is a delay until the day subscription renewal date, but the application performance is not affected. Since in the case of the expiration of the subscription period, the payment will be immediately verified.